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Clean your Car!


The Retreat at Tiffany Woods Blog, Kansas City, MO Apartments  If you use your car everyday, it's important to keep it clean! Check out our tips for cleaning your vehicle!

Most people use their car on a daily basis, but many do not take the time to take care of their car and it eventually it gets cluttered and dirty. This week’s The Retreat at Tiffany Woods Blog is about cleaning your car! We’ve got some tips for how to get your car clean and turn it into something you can be proud of. In fact, take advantage of our car care station at our Kansas City, MO apartment community for your car care needs!



It’s easy for a car to get dirty, or at least look dirty. Clutter is not just something that plagues apartments, but cars too! Clutter is typically composed of both necessary and unwanted items. Do yourself and your car a favor by removing the clutter by taking the trash and putting it into a trash bag. Keep a trash can in your car so you know where to put your trash. Take the trash out every week to keep things from getting out of hand!



It’s normal to have things in your car, especially when it comes to emergency fluids and items like blankets, but they shouldn’t just be lying around your car. Clean up these loose items by investing in a car organizer for your trunk, so you can stow these items away in a readily available spot when you need them! Having a clean car takes consistent effort by you, so maintain a mindset of keeping your car organized!



Paying attention to detail can make the difference between a car looking old and brand new! Detailing the interior of your vehicle includes wiping down the nooks and crannies of your car, vacuuming the carpets and seats, and dusting off the floor mats! Doing these things can help make your car look new again! If you give rides on a regular basis, or are an Uber/Lyft driver, detailing your car will help your passengers have a better ride too!


What are your tried and true tips for keeping your car looking, smelling, and feeling great? Let us know in the comments.Thanks for reading our post today.