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Clean your Apartment


The Retreat at Tiffany Woods Blog, Kansas City, MO Apartments  Give your apartment a new look by getting down to business and cleaning! Try some of our tips on a cleaner apartment!

Keeping your living space clean is a important way to keep the stress levels in your life down and makes for a more enjoyable living situation. In this week’s The Retreat at Tiffany Woods Blog, we have some tips for you to organize and clean your Kansas City, MO apartment!


Plan it out.

It’s easy to say you’ll get around to cleaning, but to not actually follow through with that promise, when your deadline is a vague one. Decide now to do it, and write down a schedule of what you want to do and when. Take your time, and be sure to do things at a pace that isn’t overwhelming for you. Don’t worry about taking multiple days or even weeks to get things done. The most important thing is that it will get done.



Clutter is natural, even for those of us who don’t go out of our way to collect and hoard items. Papers, pencils, books and other items can accumulate without much notice, and before you know it, it’s noticeable. Bigger items such as boxes, broken appliances, and unused cords can take up space and restrict the amount of usable space you have in your home. You’ll begin to see how clean of an apartment you have as you remove the clutter. If you don’t want to throw these items away, consider donating them to a local thrift store or homeless shelter so that they can be passed on to people who need them.



Once the cleaning is over, it’s easy to think that you can forget about it for another year. Don’t let your efforts go to waste by neglecting to maintain the recent cleanliness of your home. Find an organization system that works for you and stick to it. As you do your best to maintain a clean home, you’ll experience less stress and enjoy walking through your doors after a long day at work or school!


Do you have any tips on a cleaner apartment? We’d love to hear some of your thoughts, so feel free to leave us a comment below! Thank you for reading!